Wednesday, 23 August 2017

CADET ACTIVITY: Bivvy Building

So what is a bivvy?

Bivvy is short for bivouac, which is a temporary camp or shelter. If you ever walk through woods or forests, you can often see the remains of some that others will have built as it's a very popular activity with Guides and Scouts. That doesn't mean it's just for the young; why not drag your parents out the woods and get them to help you build one?
Photo by: John Bointon
The construction is pretty simple (the diagrams below show it quite well) but you can make them as sophisticated as you like. REMEMBER THOUGH: Not to damage trees and woodland when making your shelter. Use loose material that you find lying around instead. Start with a long ridge pole resting in the fork of a tree or on something, usually at about waist height. Then add shorter branches to make up the sides. Finally, cover with lighter, foliaged branches and dry leaves.

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