Wednesday, 30 August 2017

CADET ACTIVITY: Make your own space porthole

A fun craft with an outer space theme.


You will need scissors, glue and colouring pencils plus:
  • paper plate
  • silver, white, gold or grey paint and paint brush
  • some pony beads
  • a drinking straw
  • plain paper (for the picture)


  1. Cut a circle from the centre of a paper plate.
  2. For the handle, glue a pony bead to each end of a 2 inch length of a straw and then glue to the paper plate.
  3. Glue more pony beads around the outside of the plate as decorative bolts.
  4. Paint the whole plate silver, grey, white or gold and let dry. 
  5. Optional: Glue a piece of clear plastic inside the paper plate to cover your porthole (the clear half of large freezer Ziploc bags work well for this.
  6. For the picture inside your porthole, either draw a picture from scratch or cut one out of a magazine or suitable wrapping paper. Alternatively, you can print one of the templates below and colour it in.
  7. Glue your scene behind the plate.
Voila! One porthole!


Or you could use any of the images on this blog that are for colouring in.

CREDIT: DLTK's Crafts for Kids

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