Saturday, 26 August 2017

OUT OF THE ASHES 2.0: (April 2017)

LT Erika Stroem

Preparing for a fun filled weekend, Erika arrived on Thursday for a fantastic pre-event day and stayed for the duration of the convention. As an avid Cosplayer, Erika had a number of costumes including a fantastic Wraith to honour the two Babylon 5 actors present, but she didn't stop there. Erika also featured as a fantastic Nox (Stargate) and in steampunk. I asked her about the costumes.
"I made the Nox costume thinking it would be easy, but it was the hardest thing I had ever made ... but the best thing is if I have to ever have to do a repair, it is the easiest as there is no system to it. It just does not matter what the repair looks like."
Erika was accompanied by her granddaughter, Ellie, over the weekend who was really enthusiastic, too. She came as Rey from Star Wars.
One of Erika's favourite moments was "the constant smile on my granddaughter's face as she found the whole experience so surreal".
Erika met all the guests at the event, but her favourite was Rainbow Sun Francks.
"We have become soul friends and I love him to bits. We really connected, although David Blue was a very close second as he is lovely."
Another fond memory for Erika was with David.
"During the talk my phone went off, it was my daughter. I tried whispering, but after a while David Blue came over and took the phone off me and started talking to my daughter. He then put the phone onto speaker and put the microphone near it so all could hear the conversation. I was so pleased that my daughter does not swear much!"
Other great moments include David Limburg finding a new Data port (Lee Bradley—photo courtesy of Holly Bowler) but there were lots of really great costumes.

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