Sunday, 3 September 2017


by Erika Stroem

This year, with the news, I was really sad.
The announcement they made was extremely bad.
They said there’d be “NO FCD" next year,
And so down my cheek did trickle a tear.

“What would I do”? I really don’t know.
I’d be at a loss with nowhere to go.
I’d not see my friends I’d made on the way.
My heart was hurting, I have to say.

But then came the news I was waiting to hear.
Everyone must have heard me cheer.
A reunion planned … a get together!
We’d still be seeing one another.

The time will be spent having lots of fun,
(Although, I will miss Rainbow Sun)
But as we will have … NO thoughts spared
It’ll be a time of bliss, with memories shared.

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