Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff (March 2017)

With the BBC's Doctor Who Experience set to close at the end of May of this year, I was determined to go sooner rather than later. After a little negotiation, I was given permission to wear my Fourth Generation Doctor Who scarf but NOT the whole outfit. Fortunately, I was also able to sneak on my Doctor Who jacket by teaming it up with a pair of matching trousers. There was no way I'd get away with the hat, though, so I didn't even bother to try.
We had chosen the Bank Holiday Monday after the New Year and it proved ideal. Traffic was very light on the roads which meant we arrived in plenty of time for our scheduled visit and were able to dock Shuttle Koenig and amble to the venue at our leisure, passing such monuments as the Merchant Seafarers War Memorial and The Water Tower aka The Torchwood Tower. The weather was bitter cold so I was doubly thankful for the scarf. It was so cuddly and warm!
Once inside, the visit began with an interactive adventure with the Twelfth Doctor, inside and outside of his TARDIS. This is the only area where they ask you not to take photographs so that there aren't any spoilers for others. These are normally the sort of requests I ignore but in this instance I obliged as they made it quite clear we could take photos anywhere else. In other words,
they weren't just trying to make sure you bought their guidebook. They truly did not want it spoilt for others, so I shan't spoil it for you either because it was actually very good.
Once through the adventure stage, you enter the museum stage. It's not the largest exhibition I've ever seen but doesn't disappoint. It is well presented on two floors with a number of TARDIS sets and dozens of aliens and costumes available to view. The really nice thing is that things are not locked inside glass cases. You are asked not to touch, but you can get up close to see how things are constructed. (Did you know that David Tennant's coat is suedette?)
I had a great time in Cardiff and it really did finish off what has been a great break for me. Christmas isn't usually a fun time for me, but this year has been great.

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