Monday, 4 September 2017


Rather like Commander Riker, I have been encouraged to start or take on the command of a chapter a number of times, but I have always declined. 'Always a Riker; never a Picard,' I would say, and I was quite adamant about that. Indeed, if you had asked me 1st August, I would have said the same thing.
However, on 2nd August, I was chatting with fellow members of STARFLEET International, musing
upon the ways of this world. I'll admit that some of us where feeling a little downhearted about some things (the negativity towards Discovery, for example) and, as is the way with these things, we ran through all the 'what if's' that one generally does in such situations. The conversation twisted and turned and somehow we ended up talking about a new chapter. I really can't quite remember how we got there, and then someone said, "Why don't we?"
Even though this was all being done through Facebook DMs, I felt all heads turn towards me, and in that moment, I just knew it was the right thing to do.
I was very fortunate at the beginning of my STARFLEET career to have been under the command of CAPT Daniel Adams of the USS Stargazer (or Ark Royal as it was then). Dan let me explore some of the many facets of running a chapter and I learned much from him.
In April of last year, I was privileged to help launch the USS Merlin with COMM Richard Sams. Again, this was a superb experience for me and it taught me a great deal too. So I suppose launching my own chapter was a natural progression.
However, this is not something I could have done alone. I had a group of wonderful people supporting me and helping me to make some important decisions, like the name of our vessel and vessel type. Even when we hit a little glitch, everybody stepped forward to help get it resolved. As a result, by the time we launched on 14th August—just TWELVE days later, we had handbook, website and crew structure all in place! It was phenomenal and so I just have one thing to say to my crew.
Thank you. You are fantastic and I will do my best to serve you well.

CAPT Anni Potts 
Commanding Officer 

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