Saturday, 11 November 2017

A Jurassic Adventure

CDT4 Sandy Joe Reid (Age 5)

One day, Grandma, Ziggly, the CO, Richard and I went on an expedition in the shuttle to study the sun, but a sun flare hit the shuttle and we finished up going back in time 200 million years … to the time of the Jurassic world.
Grandma and Ziggly were a bit shocked, but the CO and I both said, "Cool," and we wanted to explore straight away, but Grandma and Ziggly said we must learn a bit about dinosaurs first. I told them that dinosaurs were my expertise and I know everything about them. So, the CO ordered us to explore but said we had to stay together, and we all said it was a good idea.
We all went out to explore and the first thing we heard was some rustling high up in the conifer trees. To begin with we thought it was a bird, but when Ziggly looked below at some large feet, she pointed and screamed.
I knew instantly what it was. I went over to have a better look. The CO told me to be careful, but I knew that it would not eat me because it was a herbivore. A massive, huge Brachiosaurus.
When Richard saw exactly how big they were, he ordered us back to the shuttle, but I wanted to at least take a video of this massive beast.
Richard said that this place was not safe for us to be, so he told Ziggly and Grandma to work on the sun, to get us back. They found out they could make the sun have another flare by shooting into the sun while driving into it; so, Richard told them to make it so.
It worked, however only got us back to 65 million years ago: the Cretaceous period. We landed and went out to have a look and found a very large deserted nest. It had lots of broken egg shells but it still had one full egg. Grandma said it was an egg that could not hatch, so we transported it to the shuttle so we could study it. But then we came face to face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. You could see it look at us as though we were its dinner as it is a meat eater.
We ran like the wind to get back to the shuttle and still had to set off very fast as the T. Rex would still eat a space ship if it knows humans are on board. We had to drive to a different part of the world and we landed near where China would be in our time.
We had a look around and met up with a family of Tyrannosaurus Dilongs. The Mummy and Daddy were no bigger than a large cat and they had about ten babies that were very naughty and kept running into the shuttle and it took ages to get them off.
We then saw a porthole open and we heard a voice we knew. Holly and her team had managed to find a way of getting us back. We got into the shuttle and drove into the porthole, which took us back to the ship, but we had not realised that two of the baby T. Dilongs had hidden in the shuttle. Ziggly and Grandma agreed that we must put them in the ship's garden. Richard said he hoped they were two boys or two girls. I don't know why, because I hoped they were one of each.

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