Saturday, 23 December 2017


LTCDR Erika Stroem, Chief Counsellor

Personal Log: 2017.7.9

Interesting day on the planet Geekabilia yesterday. Met a lot of interesting characters. Tuvok, who we all know, says hi to you all. But the most interesting was a Na'vi family (natives of Pandora) who seemed to be very interested in some of the vehicles the planet has to offer.
The father and son seemed quite fierce, but the Mother and daughter came across as approachable. An old saying (never judge a book) came to mind when I tried to friend the little one, only to be greeted with the loudest hiss possible and as soon as the Mother heard this, she was on to me like a lioness protecting her cub. Well, I wont do that again in a hurry! However they did allow me to take a photo, so it all ended quite well, in the end.

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