Saturday, 20 January 2018

I am Chief of Medical

CDR Erika Stroem

I am Chief of Medical
On board a Starfleet ship.
Come and see my sick bay,
It will be worth the trip.

My doctors and my nurses
Will care for all your pain.
They will not leave your side
Until you’re right again.

But I’m not like any old doctor
As I am based in space,
so it’s not just humans I see to,
I deal with any race.

I come across weird diseases
That can really drive me insane,
And I need to find an antidote
To make the crew better again.

Captain's ill? But Captain's stubborn.
“Don’t worry, I’m on my way,”
“So go to bed and do as you’re told
'Cause I outrank you today.”

In simple, I deal with all sorts—
Healing, surgery, concoctor
Or should I make it easier?
Damn it … I’m a Doctor!

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