Saturday, 6 January 2018

My Holiday

by CDT3 Sandy Reid, Aged 5

I am spending my holiday with Mummy, Daddy and Rosie and we went to Scotland to stay with my Daddy’s Uncle.
They have lots of snow here and we were able to make the biggest snowball ever and we went sledging in a wash basket down a mountain and it was such fun.
I am missing everyone on the Centaur and on one of the nights I wished that some of you was here.
It was when the big snowball started rolling around all by itself and it was making some funny noises. I saw it do all this when I looked out my bedroom window to say goodnight to you all in the sky.
I woke Rosie up for her to have a look at the snowball and she was scared. So I said I was going to have a closer look and she cried cause she did not want me to be got by it. I told her not to worry cause I do this all the time on the Centaur. I took some guns with me. I had a fire torch gun and an orange squash gun.
When I went outside, the snowball started attacking me, so I had to blast it with my fire torch gun and it started melting and screaming, so I squirted it with my orange squash gun to cool it down and shut it up and it rolled away, so I went to bed.
In the morning we went to play in the snow again and we see all the other children round a big orange thing, taking it in turns to have a lick.
They had found the giant snowball!
Grandma always says not to eat yellow snow, but that one was okay, cause it was orange.

I miss you all and Happy New Year
Love Sandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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