Saturday, 24 February 2018

A Very Dangerous Adventure

by CDT2 Sandy Reid

Today I took all the Cadets with me on a mission to a nearby planet in the space shuttle which Ziggly made especially for us. It is the first away mission that the cadets have been on, but as I have been on lots, I am in charge. Anthony was telling us where to go 'cause he is the navigator, Rosie is on communications 'cause she always makes a lot of noise and Lara was driving the ship.
We were driving along and Rosie got a message from the planet saying that someone needed our help. We landed on the planet as fast as we could.
We started to look around and saw a haunted house and it had fang teeth and started biting us. We made our way back to the shuttle and then there was a big, big snake, which was bigger than the shuttle and it bit the shuttle so hard it broke all its guns.
We ran back to the shuttle and shot the snake in the tummy, and it hit his heart and he died. Then we got into the shuttle and Lara drove it off the planet. Anthony told us which way to go, but because the snake had bit the shuttle, things were not working properly and we crashed into another planet that was full of fire.
Rosie managed to send a message back to the Centaur that we needed help. We could not get out of the shuttle 'cause of too much fire on the planet, so we had to sit there 'til we was rescued.
Lara went to make us a cup of tea, but the tea machine was broken, so she used some of the fire to make it.
When we finished our cup of tea, we got beamed off the planet onto the Centaur and we were all sad that we had to leave our shuttle there.
I told Ziggly that I was sorry we had broken the shuttle and she said, "Don’t worry. We will build you a new one, so you can go on more adventures."

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