Thursday, 1 March 2018

Captain's Log

Another three months have gone by already, and although I haven't been able to be with the crew as much as I would have liked during that time, I have seen many great things going on.
The last quarter has been very difficult for me one filled with personal loss and a work situation (not of my own making) requiring me to arrange, attend and minute no less than nine AGMs, all that on top of what is usually very busy quarter anyway. Fortunately, I have an absolutely fantastic First Officer, Second Officer and crew. Having mentioned my dilemma, the Command Team put me on leave, which gave me the breathing space I needed to get my head around everything and sort things out, while dipping in and out of the crew pages from time to time.
One of the nicest things that I noticed, though, was that Centaur continued quite happily without me. The functioning of Centaur can be likened to a bicycle wheel (an analogy I understand well). At the centre of the wheel is the hub, which consists of the fabric of the group: that would be the website, blog and Facebook pages—the means by which we communicate. Without those things, there would be no communications.
Then there are the spokes. Now, if you know about bicycle wheels, you’ll know that each spoke can be adjusted. If all of the spokes are properly set, the wheel runs free and true. It doesn’t catch on the brakes or wobble, and gives for a smooth easy ride. If one or two of those spokes are badly adjusted, because the others on either side of it are correctly set, they support the ‘poorly’ spoke ensuring the wheel still runs free and true. If, however, lots of spokes are badly set, the wheel becomes warped. When you spin it, it judders between the forks, catches on the brakes, mud guards and chain, and generally becomes a dangerous mess. The bike fails.
On Centaur, each crew member is one of those spokes. There are no big spokes or little spokes. Each and everyone of us has an equally important part to play in the smooth running of the wheel. Like the wheel, when one of us has to step aside for a bit, the rest of the spokes can take that little bit of extra strain and the group continues to run. At least that’s how it should be. Sadly, in other groups, that’s the point where everything falls asunder and the group stops functioning BUT not so on Centaur.
I have been absolutely thrilled to see things continuing to happen without me. Sure, the Command Team have attracted my attention to things where necessary, but everything has continued to function like a well oiled machine. Amongst other things, we’ve seen Khash start his podcast project, Erika set up the cadet page and Holly expand her department with three Junior Editors to ensure that we will always have a Centaurian each quarter. So what more can I say but thank you, guys. You are truly a wonderful bunch of people, and I feel privileged to command Centaur for you.

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