Friday, 23 March 2018

Lots of Good Times with FCD

CDR Erika Stroem

It is very quickly nearing the OOTA reunion party, which I, as many others are looking forward to immensely. Not only do we meet up with our FCD framily*, we will also be reflecting on the wonderful memories we have had at past events.
My first FCD event was at the Space Centre in Leicester in 2015. I opted to go for the two days and my partner, Joe (who was not really into sci-fi), came with me. I had only been to one other convention before, which was the FedCon Germany in May of 2014, but FCD was my first UK event, so I did not know what to expect. Nevertheless, I could not have found a better convention to go to. The people were so friendly and welcoming. It also seemed like whatever issues you had in life, it was accepted and you were neither frowned nor judged upon. Everyone was so fantastic and before I knew it, I was immediately considered a friend.
I was dressed up as a Nox character from Stargate and won 2nd place in the cosplay competition. Joe, on the other hand, was not amused when someone mistook him in his Steam Punk outfit as a Morris Dancer, but what made it worse was my fits of hysterical laughter when he told me.
There was a party on the Saturday night, complete with buffet, and everyone had a photo taken with Garret Wang, who played Ens. Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager. This was followed by a disco and fun was had by all.
On the Sunday, I went by myself as Joe was still sore about being compared to a Morris Dancer, plus it was not really his thing and it gave him the perfect excuse not to go. I could not wait to get there for a second session and even though I have a mental problem which prevents me going to strange places (especially on my own), I felt so safe to do so. I had yet again another fantastic day and had a very unusual photo taken with Garrett and also bid in an auction to win lots of sci-fi goodies.
I was so sad when the day ended, I really did not want to go home. I wanted to stay with all the wonderful friends I had made and what was even worse, I knew I had to wait a whole year to see most of them again, until the next FCD.
But one of the biggest examples of how close I got with FCD was when my partner Joe passed away. David Limburg, one of organisers, actually came to my house to give me support and encouraged me to get myself to the next FCD event which was less than a week after the funeral. I am so pleased I went as I could not have wished for more support. I even found myself crying in the arms of one of the guest stars, Rainbow Sun Francks who, (with a small group of others) I had dinner with and he is now a very good friend.
I have been to four FCD events in the past and as long as FCD will be doing their events, I will always be there.
*And, Framily is not an accidental spelling mistake. It's what FCD call their friends who have become like family.

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