Saturday, 3 March 2018

Operations Log: Mission London Anime & Gaming Con.

By Emma Dilemma Filtness

My Co-pilot and I successful made it to the London system when we were hijacked by freedom fighters, who pulled us into a search for a deadly weapon by disguising ourselves as the 'enemy' faction. Despite facing stiff resistance, we managed to find the weapon in a relatively short amount of time and parted ways with the freedom fighters led by a character named Cassian.
We then met up our contact at the convention location. Despite its relatively small size the convention was very busy, with varied attractions ranging from artists to anime showings. I managed to locate several rare and unique items, photographic evidence of which can be found below. We also played some games and came into contact with an energetic group of people known as cosplayers, I know a lot of you are familiar with them. I hope one day to be as good as those I encountered.
Report End.

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