Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Honour is Mine

by Erika Stroem

Watching the-magnificent Klingon, in awe
Raising his Bat’leth and drinking blood wine
The antagonist is poised to slay his prey
But if he dies, he’ll shout "THE HONOUR IS MINE!"

The logical Vulcan glides past the Klingon
Who has no desire to die today
So he does not acknowledge this warrior
Just raises his eyebrow and moves away.

Three star ship captains and Data …
Pass by him, with weapons galore
They will NOT be intimidated
To start another Klingon war.

A Kai and her Vedek assembly
Feel safe as they walk on and pray.
There’d be no honour to slay them …
So he lets them go on their way.

Now the Klingon is coming towards me
Says "Qapla" as he hits his chest,
"Would you drink a blood wine with me?
As I could really do with a rest."

Thank goodness I’m at a convention,
A place where we all can reshape;
A wonderful voyage into fantasy;
A place where I go … to escape.

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