Saturday, 28 April 2018

Mission Report: In Search of the Paranormal

by CAPT Ian Struthers

At the start of April I took my wife Marsha, who I usually refer to online as Mrs S, to Edinburgh for her birthday for a couple of days, we had a great time despite me having a head cold.
When we arrived on the first day we went to the Edinburgh Dungeon, which is great fun as long as you go along with what the performers are doing. If you are ever in Edinburgh I highly recommend it; it only takes about an hour and a half.
The first thing they do is get you to stand and get a couple of photographs taken ... one with your (or a friend’s) head on a chopping block. The second is against a plain background.
You then go through to be judged for crimes that were common at that time. Not everyone gets judged, and the best bet is to stand near the back and not stand out. The judge is really comical and a couple of “eyewitnesses” are called. Once sentencing is done you make your way down to the torture chamber. Once you get into the torture chamber they explain and show how “confessions” were obtained.
You make your way around other rooms where they tell you about the grave robbers, dissections and “Burking” which was how Burke and Hare killed their victims. There is a haunted graveyard and room, and they tell you about the plague; that bit is funny as you stand in an old style close (street) where you get squirted with water.
There is a wee boat trip where they also tell the story of Seany Bean and his cannibal family. One of the best bits is the “Long Drop”, a ride that lets you know what the gallows felt like and when you take “the drop” they take a picture. I’ve not gone into too much detail in case some of you visit it. There is a chance to get items and a copy of the pictures taken; they Photoshop the background onto the blank one.
Mrs S loves all those programs about the spirit world and ghost hunters, a lot of which you really need to take with a large pinch of salt. I’m not saying whether I do or do not believe in ghosts, etc. However, there have been things I’ve seen and heard that have left me scratching my head, which is why later on we went on a Ghost Bus Tour. The bus had the registration 666 and was supposedly haunted because they used to use it for funerals; the casket would be on the lower deck and mourners on the top deck.
We went along Princess Street, turned left and parked outside a graveyard. The bus conductor, who was also the narrator of the tour, took us down into the graveyard and told us about some of the strange goings on and how people who had been “ghost hunting” had been left with scratches.
He told us about Burke and Hare, and about being “saved by the bell” and the “Graveyard Shift” which related to folk being buried alive. Nasty.
We boarded the bus again after about ten minutes, and the tour continued around Edinburgh where we were told about cannibals, murders ... you know the usual fun things. The bus has cameras and screens which enhanced the experience. I loved the “Low Bridge”. Again it was great fun and well worth going on.
On the second day we spent most of the time wandering around the tourist hotspots doing a bit of shopping. It was nice as I found a couple of Harry Potter related places I hadn’t seen before. We ended up in the cafĂ© in St Giles Cathedral. I loved the stained glass windows and gothic architecture.
The only drawback of the weekend was there were works on the railway line which resulted in having to take a coach between Aberdeen and Dundee. No one from Scotrail was on hand so the coach drivers did their best to sort out the chaos.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Mission Report: Brighton Beach Comic Con

Emma Dilemma Filtness

Saturday, 8th April 2018

On the sunny planet of Brighton, we encountered some intriguing items and had some fun re-enacting scenes from an alternative history of the planet known as Game of Thrones.

Saturday, 14 April 2018


© Copyright 2002 Tarin B Teague

Some of the things you talk about make me really sad,
Some of the things you talk about make me so mad.
Some of the things you talk about make no sense at all,
Some of the things you talk about make me feel small.

It’s not just the words,
It’s the way the words are said.
And even the way they are written,
Can affect the way they are read.

Words are wonderful things,
But they can be dangerous things as well.
They can be more painful than bullets,
They can tear hearts apart and can make life hell.
But words can soothe the heartache,
They can chase away life’s pains.
They can bring separated lovers,
Back together again.

Words are not just spoken,
They are written and they are sung.
Some are awkward to say,
While others just roll off the tongue.
Some words come easy,
Some just don’t come at all.
Sometimes it’s good to talk,
But sometimes it can be like talking to walls.
Some words are said with a smile,
Some are said with a frown.
Some are said to make you happy,
Some are said to put you on a down.
But of all the words in the world,
None are quite so precious as this,
When a person says, “I love you” from the heart,
And then seals it with a kiss.

Saturday, 7 April 2018