Saturday, 19 May 2018


Now little more than a distant memory, but these awards are so important that I thought it worthwhile to remind everyone of the winners from 2017. Awards are made each year with additional commendations being made during the year. Any crewmember can nominate someone for a commendation and full details can be found in our handbook available from the LIBRARY on our website.

Junior Member Of the Year: Sandy Joe Reid
Sandy may be our only cadet but he is a delight. He attended the Klingon Banquet with us and takes part with crew members and contributions to our newsletter. He may be only five years old, but he does so much to enhance the membership with his input. He has contributed so much to the station and its crew with his interesting stories and artwork. He's a fine cadet and really deserves this award. Well done, Sandy.

Enlisted Member Of the Year: Kevin Hightower Baker
Kevin has stepped forward to host the second get-together, which is something to be admired. Well done, Kevin, for taking the lead on this. He also posts in the Jupiter Lounge regaling us with tales of Jenny.

Officer Of the Year: Holly Bowler
For dedication to the Centaurian and the station. Her production of the Centaurian magazine for the chapter is amazing. She has far exceeded the CO's expectations, imprinting her own style on it to make it a truly wonderful addition to the Centaur Library.

Department Of the Year: R&D
A lot of excitement and fun on the Centaur takes place around the Research and Development department. There are always new experiments and things happening in there, with interesting posts by both Tony Burr and Ian Moore. It shows how important trial and error is to true science. There's an air of mystery in that department, of things unknown, questions about the truth of reality.

Leadership Ribbon: Colin Barrow
Colin has excelled in his Leadership skills. He took the lead with regard to the vessel readiness program and brought it to fruition. And let's not forget that he keeps the CO on the straight and narrow.
"He listens to me when I'm in a quandary and helps me to make the right decision.”

Academic Achievement Award: Tarin Breckin Teague
Tarin has very quietly taken a good number of exams in the Academy and has achieved some very excellent results. Well done, Tarin.

Federation Ribbon: Tony Burr
Tony has supported Centaur from the very beginning. He thinks of things from angles the rest of us have never anticipated and is a valued member of the Command Team. Thank you, Tony.

Diplomatic Ribbon: Anni Potts
For sticking up for the chapter and crew when it was needed. She is a true leader... and if she is ever wrong she will admit and learn from it. She is always there when we need her and always has the Centurion's best interests at heart.

Morale Ribbon: Erika Stroem
Erika feels like the emotional glue that holds us all together. She shows how much she cares for everyone on board and always makes herself available to talk when you need her. She's supportive of all the crew and regularly makes encouraging comments and posts that make people feel welcome. She's great for laughter and fun, which is always essential to good crew morale.

Centaurian Recruitment Award: Holly Bowler
For introducing new members to Centaur and promoting the ship at every opportunity.

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