Saturday, 12 May 2018


By LTJ Holly Bowler

The SpaceX launch of Falcon Heavy was a moment in time I’ll never forget. I was chatting with Emily Jane when Josh hollered up that the launch was about to happen, so I joined him at his laptop and kept Emily close by on Messenger while we watched history unfold.
There’s something absolutely breathtaking about watching such a sight, remembering that we humans are still searching, still striving, still trying to find our way out there in the universe, despite the backwards turn many would have us take. So much effort, thought, focus and resource invested in a single moment, with the ringleader standing wide-eyed and waiting, expecting this crazy endeavour to be met with failure yet still holding onto hope. I can’t image what must have gone through the minds and hearts of Elon Musk and his crew when they watched their gigantic baby take its first
All I know is the feeling of experiencing the countdown, the unity of humans taking part throughout the world, excited and just waiting to exhale, watching the powerful rise of the gargantuan rocket, the almost perfect return of the boosters, the images of this beautiful vehicle and its driver clearly not panicking as Starman was ejected into the vastness of space with an endless journey ahead. To see our beautiful world from afar, from ‘out there’—the profound epiphany of being. Let us hold out for hope still.

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