Sunday, 1 July 2018


Cadet Sandy Joe Reid

On May the 5th Rosie and I went to Em-Con with our Mum and Dad.
It was really fun. We went as characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and everyone loved my Rocket Racoon mask. Rosie hated her costume because she said it was not pretty and she did not look like a princess, being dressed as Baby Groot, but everyone thought she looked cute.
People stopped us, every minute to take our photo and someone even gave me and Rosie a gift each.
Mummy was dressed as Gamora and Daddy was dressed as Star-Lord.
We met up with Grandma Erika and our cousin Ellie while we were there; they were also dressed up as Harry Potter characters.
There were lots and lots of fantastic costumes, but the Zombies were my favourites because they were so funny as well.

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