Saturday, 4 August 2018

A Gamer's 'Fix'

Once upon a time, many years ago, I used to game. I loved it. I was one of those geeks who could easily game on right through the night and into the next day. I even had a job that involved gaming. I was a very happy little bean in my pixelated world of adventure and treasure hunts. I proudly bore the calluses on my thumbs, and the insomnia worked in my favour, giving me those extra hours to dedicate to the cause (aka quest). And then disaster struck.
Repetitive Strain Injury comes in many forms. Mine strikes in the upper arms and wrists causing muscle spasms and chronic pain—but I’m not here to talk about such things. Instead, I want to introduce you to the world of gaming apps. Well, come on! An addict’s got to get her fix somewhere! And the nice thing about apps is that they require no setting up and can be played in small doses. No, the dedicated XBox/Playstation/Nintendo/Sega may not find the play satisfying enough, but us invalided players have to get our jollies where we can. Don’t be mistaken either, because some of those games can be very addictive as well as, get this, FREE! A price I very much like.
So what do I look for in a game?
I’m easily bored by a game, so forget your Candy Crushes and hidden object games. You can only match four lemons or find ten teapots so many times before the entertainment wears off (about 10 minutes if I’m generous). Then there are those games that are free for a teeny-weeny sample and then they want you to pay. Sadly, the authors don’t seem to realise that the free bit needs to be incredibly good if it is to win you over enough to make you stick your hands in your pockets, or a good bit longer to get you properly hooked. I can understand that they want to make money, but with so many free offerings about to try, the competition is stiff.
Not that I am averse to paying for a game. Indeed, there have been a number of games that I have paid for to remove the advertising. The game has been that good that I’ve wanted the uninterrupted play, so have dug my grubby little mits into my pocket for the pleasure of.
Enough banter, though. Next week, I’ll begin with my current favourite, Stranger Things.

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